Air Cooled Chillers


 Our air cooled chiller packages range in size from 2 tons to 215 tons in a single package. Each unit is equipped with a disconnect switch, pump and operating controls. Our smaller units are palletized for easy handling in small spaces, while our larger units (65 tons and up) are trailer mounted and ready for quick delivery to your job site. 

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Air Handlers


 If you need cooling of a warehouse, gymnasium, or to just augment your present system, we have air handlers ranging in size from 5 to 20 tons. Many of these smaller units can fit through a 36″ wide doorway. All have disconnects for a verity of voltages. Each is equipped with a control thermostat. 

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Cooling Towers


 We have cooling towers that can be used for industrial cooling applications or to augment your present system during repairs to your tower. These towers can be ganged together to match the capacity that you need for a given application. 

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