Free estimates?


Do we install our rentals?

Yes, but customers can install themselves and we can assist & do start-up.

Do we provide power cables and hoses?

Yes.  We can provide hoses and power cabling in various lengths as needed for the rental at an additional cost.

Do we need a separate pump?

Our rentals have on-board pumps sized for the machine included in the rental.

What voltage does rental run on?

We have 208/230 volt and 460 volt equipment available for rent.

How many amps does it pull?

Amperage depends on the size of the rental equipment.

Does the rental come on a trailer?

All rental units 60+ tons are on dedicated trailers.  Units smaller than 60 tons are skid mounted and can be placed on trailers for delivery.

Will special equipment be required to place or set the rental?

So long as a trailer can be positioned by tow vehicle, a crane is not required.