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 All of our air cooled packaged chillers come equipped with an on-board pump and are suitable for process or comfort cooling. 

5 ton 460V Thermal Care

8 ton 208/230V Carrier

10 ton 208/230V Carrier 

15 ton 208/230V Carrier

15 ton 460V Carrier

20 ton 208/230V Carrier

25 ton 208/230V York

25 ton 208/230V Carrier

25 ton 460V Carrier

30 ton 460V Carrier

40 ton 460V Carrier

45 ton 208/230V Carrier

55 ton 460V York

65 ton 460V York

120 ton 208/230V Trane

140 ton 460V Trane

200 ton 460V Trane

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All these units can be shipped straight to you immediately

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