NRC - 65 Ton Air Cooled Chiller

65 ton air cooled chiller for a hospital in Eastern Kentucky to supplement their chiller.

NRC - 100 Ton Air Cooled Rental Chiller

100 ton air cooled rental chiller to supply cooling for offices at Smurfit Stone in Kentucky while their unit was under repair.

NRC - 100 Ton Unit at U.S. Army Ammo

100 ton unit used at U.S. Army Ammo plant in Indiana for cooling offices.

NRC - 35 Ton Air Colled Chiller

35 ton air cooled chiller used at St. Steucus Church after they had a major failure of their unit.

NRC - 35 Ton Air Cooled Unti @ Lexington

Same 35 ton air cooled unit used at Lexington Kentucky Court House to supplement part of their chilling system.

NRC - 2 Units- 65 & 95 ton- Shelby Co.

Two units (65 ton and 95 ton) used at Shelby County High School in Kentucky to cool classrooms near the end of year. New unit was sceg/ to be installed.

NRC - 65 Ton Air Colled Unit @ Apt. Complex

65 ton air cooled unit used to cool an apt. complex in downtown Louisville, Kentucky

NRC - 2 Small 3 Ton Self-Contained Units

Two small 3 ton self-contained units to supplement cooling of a trailer for broadcasting equipment.